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Pecancerous Condition of The Mouth procedures

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This is a broad term used for a multitude of conditions seen primarily in the south asian region due to the consumption of Betel Nut / Tobacco.

The symptoms that a patient experiences may be none whatsoever or may include
Inability to open the mouth completely
Burning sensation in the mouth
Ulcers in the mouth that fail to heal following conventional therapy
Red / white patches on the Cheek / Tongue / Gums / Palate

There are basically three conditions that make up the bulk of these signs & symptoms
1. Submucous Fibrosis
2. Leukoplakia / Erythroplakia
3. Lichen Planus

Treatment for all three is divided into two groups:
Medicinal treatment may continue over a period ofmonths but surgery generally involves a one stage procedure.

Surgery may include the conventional Knife surgery or could be done by the more contemporary Cryosurgery & Electrosurgery. There are no such post-operative complications that bother a patient other than the normally attendant mild swelling & slight discomfort.

Patients may opt to get the surgery done under Local Anesthesia or General Anesthesia. Stitches may or may not be placed depending on the prevailing condition.

Pecancerous Condition of The Mouth Procedures Pecancerous Condition of The Mouth Procedures Pecancerous Condition of The Mouth Procedures