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Dental plaque must be eliminated. Its continuous formation makes us have a constant and systematic method of getting rid of it.

The elimination of dental plaque is done at two levels:
At home
At a Dental Clinic

At home by keeping daily brushing and at the dental clinic using different systems described in the next paragraphs.

Method to Eliminate Dental Plaque

Dental Brushing
The most efficient, simple and comfortable method to eliminate dental plaque at the individual's level is brushing, avoiding the most frequent diseases caused by plaque: cavities and periodontal sickness.

The majority of methods used to eliminate dental plaque are based on a mechanical effect. Plaque is eliminated by sweeping or by friction of the different systems used.

On the other hand, there are toothpastes and mouthwashes that help fight against bacterial plaque. It is very common to use toothpastes while brushing, although some techniques do not recommend this.


Other Method of Eliminating Bacterial Plaque
The interdental embrasure and dental faces that are in contact, accumulate a great amount of dental plaque and it is very difficult to eliminate it using the type of toothbrushes described before, this is why there are other instruments for this explained ahead.

Dental Floss
Interdental Toothbrushes
Cones or rubber stimulators
Water pik
Electric Toothbrushes

dental loss
Dental Floss

Interproximal Brush
Interproximal Brush

Squared Toothpik
Squared Toothpik

Rubber Stimulator
Rubber Stimulator
Water Pik
Water Pik
Electric Brush
Electric Brush