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Submucous Fibrosis FAQ'S

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Submucous Fibrosis

1. What is Submucous Fibrosis ?
Sub Mucous Fibrosis is a permanent thickening and hardening of the inner lining of the mouth, stiffening of the oral mucosa and development of fibrous bands resulting in a restricted mouth opening.

2.Symptoms of oral mucous fibrosis?

This disease initially causes irritation in the mouth, which gradually leads to thickening and hardening. Gradually the mouth opening decreases till one finds it impossible to open one's mouth at all.

The tongue loses its roughness and becomes smooth and white. Taste sensation is gradually lost and ability to tolerate spicy foods diminishes.

3. Is there any prevention?
The only way to prevent this disease is by stopping the chewing of betel nut or anything else that may cause this disease.



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