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"God gave us teeth & Man gave the world Implants."

What exactly is an Dental Implant ?
Our natural teeth are divided into two parts, one that is visible in our mouth called the Crown & the other embedded in bone called the Root.

When we lose a tooth it is advisable to replace it as early as possible to avoid irreversible changes from setting in. With Dental Implants what we offer is a Life-like & Functionally acceptable replacement to a natural tooth.

Dr. P. I. Branemark of Goteborg, Sweden is considered one of the people who did pioneering work in this field & who's research has given the world the current concept of 'Osseointegration'. This literally means a firm anchorage of the Titanium Implant surface with human bone, simulating a natural tooth.

It has been proven as a biologically dynamic surface, so the Gum around the Implant remains healthy & intact on a long term basis. As regards proof of these long claims of long term success, more than 1 million cases speak for themselves.

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