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In today's automotive world injuries are always on the rise & injury to the Maxillofacial region forms an integral part of any trauma case. A healthy upper & lower jaw with a healthy set of teeth is mandatory to good health.

The aim of a Maxillofacial surgeon in an injury patient is to restore the function back to normal & at the same time not compromise on the cosmetic result.

With current advances in medicine we can offer thepatient immediate function post-operatively even in multiple fracture cases. This avoids loss of weight thus avoiding nutritional setback.

Minor fractures of the jaw bone & teeth can be attended to under Local anesthesia without any need for hospitalization. Major jaw fractures with or without injury to the soft tissues ( Skin &/or Muscle) require hospitalization & procedures that may require General Anesthesia.

Fracture treatment has two approaches : jaw fracture
1. The fracture is treated without any surgical intervention & the jaw may be wired up for 3-4 weeks to allow the injury to heal

2. The fracture is treated by surgery & the break in bone is treated by reduction & fixation. The method of fixation has undergone vast changes in the recent past from wires to plates to screws & even with some research on bone glue.
A patient who has undergone an operation needs a hospital stay for about 5 days after the procedure. There are generally no post-operative complications to these procedures & the person may resume daily activities after discharge from the hospital / out patient department.