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1. How successful are Dental Implants?
Proper diagnosis & treatment planning by the Implantologist along with optimal post-operative care by the patient can lead to a very high success rate up till two decades.

2. Is there any specific age group who can or cannot undergo this treatment?
Age is not a criterion. Dental Implants can be inserted in an individual after jaw bone stops growing ie. Generally after 23 years of age.

3. Is there any carcinogenic (cancer causing) potential in the procedure?
Implants are made of Titanium which is bio-compatible & absolutely safe.

4. Is the surgery done under local or general anesthesia & does it require hospoitalisation?

Generally the procedure is carried out under local anesthesia in the Dental Office but in patients who are extremely apprehensive there is another alternative available in the form of Conscious Sedation.

5. How long does the entire procedure take & when " would I get my new tooth ? "
The surgery for Implant placement takes around 1/2 hour. The Crown portiopn of the tooth over the Implant may be put in temporarily at the same stage or the Implant may be covered-up & left to heal, all depending on prevailing conditions. If the Implant is covered & left to heal, it is uncovered after 4-5 months & work started for replacing the Crown portion of the tooth.


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