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1. Is it bad to get a wisdom tooth removed at an early age?
Not at all, on the contrary if repeated episodes of pain & inflammation occur, they cause thickening of the gum & an increase in the bone density thus resulting in a more time consuming & difficult operation later-on. Also if such teeth are not removed in time they may damage adjacent healthy teeth.

2. Would there be a lot of pain after the surgery?
If medication is taken as advised there is only a mild discomfort lasting 2-3 days which is generally experienced after any surgical procedure.

3. Is there need to take bed rest after the surgery?
On the day of the surgery it is advised not to undertake strenuous activities but normal daily routine can be resumed.

4. Are there any restrictions imposed afterwards?

After the procedure we advise a soft & semi-solid diet lasting 1 ½ days, following which a gradual return to normal diet is advised. Smokers are advised to abstain for at least 5 days.

5. Would I get stitches?
Generally 4-5 stitches are given which are dissolving in nature. If the ends irritate the patient they may be snipped off after 7 days.


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