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Removable partial dentures are indicated in cases where in a fixed prosthesis cannot be made.

1. Cast Partial Dentures-Metal Based
2. Acrylic Partial Dentures-Resin Based-Lucitone/ FibreGlass / Regular Material.

There are 2 main types of acrylic materials used in the fabrication of a RPD. These are :-
1. Fibreglass
2. Lucitone
The procedures are the same for these both. They include the following steps.

How is it done? - Time & Procedure
  • Case study
  • Photographs, Study Models
  • Primary Impression
  • Final Impression
  • Jaw relation (BITE), Shade selection
  • Trial
  • Final Denture Delivery
  • Recall, Photographs

It is a one of the latest modalities in the field of dentistry. It is a very advanced alternative to Removable Partial dentures made in Acrylic. Case selection is very important.

The steps in the fabrication are the same as above.
The advantages of Valplast over the other materials used are :-
  • It is a flexible material.
  • Not rigid like the other types used till date.
  • Patient compliance is very good.
  • Patients get accustomed to this very soon.
  • Retention is enhanced since it has a suction fit on to the ridge. The amount of force transmitted to the adjacent teeth is less.
  • Esthetically this is much better as there are no metal clasps (wires ).
  • There is no gap between the tissues and the the Valplast denture and so the usual problem of food lodgement below the denture base is reduced to a great extent.
  • Since it is made of a flexible material, there is no risk of breakage if the patient accidentally drops it down.




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