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Mercury is used in dental amalgams.
True : All dental amalgams commonly referred to as "silver fillings" contain various metals such as silver, copper and tin as well as mercury. Mercury is necessary to chemically bind these compounds together to form a hard stable restorative material. When mercury is combined with these metals it becomes inactive substance. Under the pressures of vigorous chewing and grinding, very small amount of mercury vapor may be released. There is no valid, scientific evidence that associates this minute amount of mercury vapor with any health problems.

Dental amalgams are safe.
True : Studies of dental amalgams in tooth restoration have been conducted worldwide for more than 100 years. These studies failed to find any link between amalgams restoration and any medical disorder. Amalgams continue to be a safe restoration material for dental patient.

Amalgams is most preferred dental restoration.
True : Dental amalgams is used for number of reason including its durability, longevity and ability to withstand the intense pressure of chewing. Other material has drawbacks. Gold is an effective material but it costs more than amalgam. Tooth colored ceramic and porcelains provides natural appearance, but aren't as resistant to stress or fracture and have to be replaced more often. New restorative materials continues to be developed that may someday equal or exceed the benefit of amalgam.
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